SPAIN 17th-19th OCTOBER 2018

This activity marks the beginning of the project, as it is considered basic in two aspects: training of partners without previous experience in the management of K229 projects and in educational aspects related to projects on heritage.

The educational contents consist of showing partners previous learning experiences on heritage developing around the coordinator school, which are:

  1. An educational innovation project carried out among eleven schools in the area about La Colonia de Santa Eulalia, Heritage of Cultural Interest in the category of etnological place, located between the towns of Sax and Villena.

  2. “Elda’s key”, an educational project developed by IES Monastil, in Elda, Petrer’s neighbour town. It combines two main objectives: dissemination of local heritage and the contribution of new resources and learning tools to be used in the classroom. Clemente Juan, member of the Erasmus+ team in the coordinating school, has actively participated in it.

Starting from these experiences, carried out by nearby schools is an important source of resources to be used in “We always”, making us aware of the challenge we are facing, the possible problems that may arise and the expected results with students of the same age. As it has been done in both projects, we will get training in new methodologies and in the way to establish links with local institutions.

At the same time, schools partners from Marseille and Berlin will receive training on the basic aspects of management: budget, selection of participants, organization of exchanges, safety protocols and commitments from host families, etc. A possible modification of the timeline may also happen, as the school calendars for the next two years haven’t been published yet. The meeting timetable will be organised as follows: in the morning, working sessions to receive information about the above mentioned projects by teachers involved in them, and management and organisation aspects of our project in the afternoon.

The association among the four schools will be strengthen after having exchanged experiences and come to the necessary agreements for a good development of the project.

Likewise, distance among participating teachers will shorten due to a face to face relationship, and not only through mail or videoconference, creating in this way a professional link based on a common task.

As this activity will be developed in the coordinator school, all partners will not only have the opportunity to know about its functioning, but also to meet teachers in a general assembly and get to know each other. At the same time, foreign partners can do a presentation about their schools and educational systems or even meet participant students and get into their classes.

You can know the program: C1 program

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